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Saturday, 30 November 2013

I wish ...

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of childhood 
  and the careless attitude,
not knowing of heartbreaks and soltitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times...
Back when I didn't know about the world 
and would even smile at the sound made by the wind chimes...

The dream last night took me back to time when I  was a kid
and everyone would just lovingly smile and whatever I did!
Everyone ,family and family friends,  kiss and caress me
 time and again
Even though I am a pain in their neck
and even though I drive them all insane!
Washing my dirty clothes my mum sighs, 
and when I am in pain even she cries!
And she says she doesn't know when did I just grow up!
And when did her baby monster became so tall and so tough !

The homework the punishments, the mocks, the sibling-sibling fights
The childhood, MY childhood drifted away and now I am up here in these lights!
I am one of the stars now but there's a lot that I miss
I wish I could be a child again and
well THAT'S all I really wish! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Childhood

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of my childhood and the careless attitude,
Not knowing of heartbreaks, pain or solitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times,
Back when I did not know about the world
And I would just play day long with those wind chimes.

Mommy comes to me and pats and kisses me time and again,
Eventhough I was a pain in her neck .. I so know I used to drive her really insane.

Thr homework, the punishments, the mocks , the so little silly fights,
The Childhood: my childhood!  It just drifted away and now I am up here in these shinny lights.

It is great being here too but there's a lot that I miss,
I could be a child again that's all I wish!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Final Goodbye

He said he loved her..
she wondered "Why! 
He made her feel like a princess ....and well
she ! she fell for him.
He ignored her then and started treating her like crap...
And both their lives changed drastically in a WHAP
And then they fought night and day....
And then he treated her in the worst possible way...
He started feeling irritated...but she  just cried..
Seeing him with other girls everyday she died..
He went far away....
...but all she still wished for was that "if only he could stay"
He broke her trust and had told her white lies....
...but well the girl's heart; thinking all of this it still sighs!
Finally she moved on...
  a new life started!
He started to miss her now....
 she started dating another guy.
He apologized ....and he cried
begged for her forgiveness and did everything he could
Bought her a ring thinking ..accept she someday would.
She walked away.....but this time she didn't cry
And that's when the stupid guy realized that it was a goodbye 
The Final goodbye !

Monday, 16 September 2013


Life's hard but it feels so great these days...
And well I smile often nowadays .
And I swear ! My smiles ; they aren't artificial in any kind of ways.
Yes I do have fears...not like they died
But I have had enough ..and...enough i have already cried.
But OH YES I know how the life;
it goes now.
And I! I have grown stronger somehow.
So here I smile ..and I guess I'll stay long enough this way
Cause I have learned the way of life and how to live it smiling each day :))

Monday, 13 May 2013

Many a times.....

Many a times we forget what we had been waiting for,
Many a times we make the wrong choices...
and leave the right ones far apart....
Many a times our fate keeps guiding us ways ...
Many a times we are just left memorizing the good old days ...
We make mistakes and then we learn.....
And sometimes we take some wrong turns...
What happens to us all these "many a times" and what goes through our foolish minds?
why don't we just concentrate on what we had always been looking for...
why do we start  neglecting and taking for granted ...the ones close to our hearts..?
And why does the endings aren't ever as beautiful as the starts ..?
Why ? is there an answer ? 
Well...i can't really hear it...if there is !

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

And I know it all....

Sneak in my room, turn on the light..
It'll be dark soon , don't you bring home any fight..

Sit by me and we'll talk for hours
forget the world for now and those scars.

There isn't any guarantee to life nor there is any to death..
Neither to survival nor any to death..

I know you've gone through a lot in the past 
but don't you just go crying out "why did it not last... !"

I know it baby ..even i had been through that all
Don't you cry OH my baby , my princess OH my doll....

SMile O smile... you have been sad enough lately,
Dance O dance ...though Life yeah it's been real tough lately..

The night is to fade..and it's time for you to shine
Now it's time for you to shine, my dear sunshine...

No one was ever worth your tears sooner or later you will realize 
Fall for someone over again but this time just be a little wise...

And i know you've gone through a lot in the past..
Scary it seems but baby this is just the start

I know it ...even i have been through that all ....
never cry no my baby, my princess Oh my baby doll...

Friday, 11 January 2013

Love what is it?

Love ...what is it?
she says more than friendship...
He says lust..
Love ...what is it?

Sometime later the bubble of dreams will just burst
Love ...what is it?
Meditation some say....
OK! Then why are people seen breaking apart every other day?

Love ...what is it? 
Life ...they say
Well I lead a better life than you lovestruck people in every possible way!!

Love ...what is it?
A word just a word tha just gives you pain, I'd saySomething that makes you go insane!
 makes you cry every other day...

So folks don't end up  your lives by thinking about this love every random day
And don't spoil them up , rather live to the fullest cause you never know ...this might be your last day!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dont loose heart ...

When the darkness assassins your soul...
Don't loose heart ... just keep your eyes glued up to your goal.. 
Tell your inner self that you are loved...
And that you are adored.. 
Win by words ...and not by snatching your foe's sword. 
This night  is threat-some....
..but it will ,in time , pass away ....
Oh ...and there will be a flood of joys ...
just wait another day.. 
Just that other day...
When folks will all say ,
"Ah chose the absolute right way.."
And that " you'll be a big man one day " 
And this will happen, yes i do believe...
When you'll b long gone ....
 but their wishes you'll still receive .

Miss Nobody

hey here i am
i am miss u know me?

oh so u say u know me?
den y cant u see?

i got a beautiful heart ....
...but m craving for your love from d very start

it cud b anything....may it be just a coffee or a cup of tea...
out of my ego i announce that one day i want u to be my not only would be

i ain't greedy i ain't proud
i just wanna stay away frm that crowd
i am not jealous nor possessive just a little way too
aggression is what i don show ....and so i wont let u go
i am rare of my kind
a girl with heart but more of mind
i am not who judges u in any way .
....m not even 1 who minds if u gay ...
have u got just nothing to say?

i am the one who tolerates u at your worst and am just
sum1 who can quench your thirst

don't u realize or have u closed your eyes?
i don't say i love u and just play....
i don't run after u and make ups everyday
have u got just nothing to say ?
oh i m just "nobody"
do u know me ? no u don't !
well u cannot because i just DON'T EXIST !
can't you see ?

Still not over you....

you were my mornings and my good brightened days
oh i  loved you in a thousand million ways...

you taught me to live the life i live now...
you made me a bit stronger somehow....

i still love you so for you i pray ..... though i might not see you everyda

May you live long , even more of a hundred years....
And you be happy throughout and never be in tears ..

Sounds strange but it's so very true...
I will miss you in whatever I do 
Just cause baby i am still not over you
still not over you....