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Saturday, 30 November 2013

I wish ...

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of childhood 
  and the careless attitude,
not knowing of heartbreaks and soltitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times...
Back when I didn't know about the world 
and would even smile at the sound made by the wind chimes...

The dream last night took me back to time when I  was a kid
and everyone would just lovingly smile and whatever I did!
Everyone ,family and family friends,  kiss and caress me
 time and again
Even though I am a pain in their neck
and even though I drive them all insane!
Washing my dirty clothes my mum sighs, 
and when I am in pain even she cries!
And she says she doesn't know when did I just grow up!
And when did her baby monster became so tall and so tough !

The homework the punishments, the mocks, the sibling-sibling fights
The childhood, MY childhood drifted away and now I am up here in these lights!
I am one of the stars now but there's a lot that I miss
I wish I could be a child again and
well THAT'S all I really wish!