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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Miss Nobody

hey here i am
i am miss u know me?

oh so u say u know me?
den y cant u see?

i got a beautiful heart ....
...but m craving for your love from d very start

it cud b anything....may it be just a coffee or a cup of tea...
out of my ego i announce that one day i want u to be my not only would be

i ain't greedy i ain't proud
i just wanna stay away frm that crowd
i am not jealous nor possessive just a little way too
aggression is what i don show ....and so i wont let u go
i am rare of my kind
a girl with heart but more of mind
i am not who judges u in any way .
....m not even 1 who minds if u gay ...
have u got just nothing to say?

i am the one who tolerates u at your worst and am just
sum1 who can quench your thirst

don't u realize or have u closed your eyes?
i don't say i love u and just play....
i don't run after u and make ups everyday
have u got just nothing to say ?
oh i m just "nobody"
do u know me ? no u don't !
well u cannot because i just DON'T EXIST !
can't you see ?