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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Final Goodbye

He said he loved her..
she wondered "Why! 
He made her feel like a princess ....and well
she ! she fell for him.
He ignored her then and started treating her like crap...
And both their lives changed drastically in a WHAP
And then they fought night and day....
And then he treated her in the worst possible way...
He started feeling irritated...but she  just cried..
Seeing him with other girls everyday she died..
He went far away....
...but all she still wished for was that "if only he could stay"
He broke her trust and had told her white lies....
...but well the girl's heart; thinking all of this it still sighs!
Finally she moved on...
  a new life started!
He started to miss her now....
 she started dating another guy.
He apologized ....and he cried
begged for her forgiveness and did everything he could
Bought her a ring thinking ..accept she someday would.
She walked away.....but this time she didn't cry
And that's when the stupid guy realized that it was a goodbye 
The Final goodbye !

Monday, 16 September 2013


Life's hard but it feels so great these days...
And well I smile often nowadays .
And I swear ! My smiles ; they aren't artificial in any kind of ways.
Yes I do have fears...not like they died
But I have had enough ..and...enough i have already cried.
But OH YES I know how the life;
it goes now.
And I! I have grown stronger somehow.
So here I smile ..and I guess I'll stay long enough this way
Cause I have learned the way of life and how to live it smiling each day :))