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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Out in the lap of mother nature!

Freezing temperature and foggy weather!
I step out of my gypsy,
wrapped up in heavy leather.

A picturesque view of a beautiful blend of
air, water ,earth and the vast sky is all I see
This is exactly where 
I always wanted 
to be!

The Dark night

Was raining cats and dogs
         and I was driving,
Holding back all those thought to let out, 
         my heart was striving .
A million thoughts poured down
         through my eyes,
And soon , I was crying pathetically 
        cursing him, I realized.
That random song, that rainy weather
             that dark dark night,
that night, just wishing 
to catch his one more sight.
Trembling with cold,
              wiping away my tears
As the car wiper wiped 
across the glass,
I heard the breaking sound 
of my antique vase.
Opened my eyes to realize ,
        There ! Snoring ! Next to me , he lies.
That night , to my fears, wasn't real,
         It was just a bad dream and
so I got up and 
made my love,
a delicious morning meal.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My name is love!

My name is love,
and I hurt!
My name is love 
and I am absurd.

My aim: destruction
My strength: your weakness.
My reason for existence: attraction
My reason for extinction: carelessness.

My name is love,
and I hurt!
My name is love 
and I am absurd.

My name is love,
but I wasn't meant to hurt!
My name is love 
and it is you people who make me seem absurd!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A walk in silence by the beach...

Somewhere between these ever-rising waves...
Somewhere under this vast stretch of blue...
Somewhere on the roads of some part of Southern India I found myself back again today!
Didn't know when I woke up that it was THAT a BRIGHT day !

The short trip to pondicherry 
who knew would give me back so much....
It's no lecturer's psychologist's therapy
but just mother nature's touch...

So I woke up this morning not in my twin sized bed
Remembering every word you said...
Walked a mile, by the shore ,in silence 
The fog ...the beach ..everything looked so picturistique
Seemed like a perfect picture taken by the divine's camera lens.

The vast blue sky questioned me if I was happy
But all I could respond was my cry...
I cried so loud that it felt like it was so much to take in...
And if I kept in a little more
.... I would have died .
There was a rush of emotions and I let it all go
Felt like it was the last extent to which I could feel low..

 Nature welcomed me with open hands
and I screamed out and cried
And forgave everyone who ever hurt me or lied.

And I feel freedom in my veins now, just don't know why.

I transformed into something else today...
I guess ; A better human being!
You can feel the freedom too people
It's all around....
But may be you are just not seeing!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

I wish ...

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of childhood 
  and the careless attitude,
not knowing of heartbreaks and soltitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times...
Back when I didn't know about the world 
and would even smile at the sound made by the wind chimes...

The dream last night took me back to time when I  was a kid
and everyone would just lovingly smile and whatever I did!
Everyone ,family and family friends,  kiss and caress me
 time and again
Even though I am a pain in their neck
and even though I drive them all insane!
Washing my dirty clothes my mum sighs, 
and when I am in pain even she cries!
And she says she doesn't know when did I just grow up!
And when did her baby monster became so tall and so tough !

The homework the punishments, the mocks, the sibling-sibling fights
The childhood, MY childhood drifted away and now I am up here in these lights!
I am one of the stars now but there's a lot that I miss
I wish I could be a child again and
well THAT'S all I really wish! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Childhood

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of my childhood and the careless attitude,
Not knowing of heartbreaks, pain or solitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times,
Back when I did not know about the world
And I would just play day long with those wind chimes.

Mommy comes to me and pats and kisses me time and again,
Eventhough I was a pain in her neck .. I so know I used to drive her really insane.

Thr homework, the punishments, the mocks , the so little silly fights,
The Childhood: my childhood!  It just drifted away and now I am up here in these shinny lights.

It is great being here too but there's a lot that I miss,
I could be a child again that's all I wish!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Final Goodbye

He said he loved her..
she wondered "Why! 
He made her feel like a princess ....and well
she ! she fell for him.
He ignored her then and started treating her like crap...
And both their lives changed drastically in a WHAP
And then they fought night and day....
And then he treated her in the worst possible way...
He started feeling irritated...but she  just cried..
Seeing him with other girls everyday she died..
He went far away....
...but all she still wished for was that "if only he could stay"
He broke her trust and had told her white lies....
...but well the girl's heart; thinking all of this it still sighs!
Finally she moved on...
  a new life started!
He started to miss her now....
 she started dating another guy.
He apologized ....and he cried
begged for her forgiveness and did everything he could
Bought her a ring thinking ..accept she someday would.
She walked away.....but this time she didn't cry
And that's when the stupid guy realized that it was a goodbye 
The Final goodbye !