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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

And I know it all....

Sneak in my room, turn on the light..
It'll be dark soon , don't you bring home any fight..

Sit by me and we'll talk for hours
forget the world for now and those scars.

There isn't any guarantee to life nor there is any to death..
Neither to survival nor any to death..

I know you've gone through a lot in the past 
but don't you just go crying out "why did it not last... !"

I know it baby ..even i had been through that all
Don't you cry OH my baby , my princess OH my doll....

SMile O smile... you have been sad enough lately,
Dance O dance ...though Life yeah it's been real tough lately..

The night is to fade..and it's time for you to shine
Now it's time for you to shine, my dear sunshine...

No one was ever worth your tears sooner or later you will realize 
Fall for someone over again but this time just be a little wise...

And i know you've gone through a lot in the past..
Scary it seems but baby this is just the start

I know it ...even i have been through that all ....
never cry no my baby, my princess Oh my baby doll...