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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Childhood

Last night I fell into an old dream,
So beautiful and simple everything seemed.
The familiarity of my childhood and the careless attitude,
Not knowing of heartbreaks, pain or solitude.

The dream was of a random day from my golden times,
Back when I did not know about the world
And I would just play day long with those wind chimes.

Mommy comes to me and pats and kisses me time and again,
Eventhough I was a pain in her neck .. I so know I used to drive her really insane.

Thr homework, the punishments, the mocks , the so little silly fights,
The Childhood: my childhood!  It just drifted away and now I am up here in these shinny lights.

It is great being here too but there's a lot that I miss,
I could be a child again that's all I wish!