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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Out in the lap of mother nature!

Freezing temperature and foggy weather!
I step out of my gypsy,
wrapped up in heavy leather.

A picturesque view of a beautiful blend of
air, water ,earth and the vast sky is all I see
This is exactly where 
I always wanted 
to be!

The Dark night

Was raining cats and dogs
         and I was driving,
Holding back all those thought to let out, 
         my heart was striving .
A million thoughts poured down
         through my eyes,
And soon , I was crying pathetically 
        cursing him, I realized.
That random song, that rainy weather
             that dark dark night,
that night, just wishing 
to catch his one more sight.
Trembling with cold,
              wiping away my tears
As the car wiper wiped 
across the glass,
I heard the breaking sound 
of my antique vase.
Opened my eyes to realize ,
        There ! Snoring ! Next to me , he lies.
That night , to my fears, wasn't real,
         It was just a bad dream and
so I got up and 
made my love,
a delicious morning meal.